Diversity and Inclusion

Our leadership team supports and serves as the foundation for establishing a more inclusive workforce that breaks down silos and creates a trusting, engaging and thought-provoking work environment. Diversity and inclusion have become increasingly important concepts not only to AEP but also to our employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

Our Vision – We envision a culture where diversity is the norm and employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders of all identities are valued, respected and engaged.

Diversity – We embrace diversity by respecting the differences, similarities as well as the cultural experiences, backgrounds, talents, and ideas of employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. This includes race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity & expression, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, etc.

Inclusion – We intentionally focus our efforts to leverage differences and similarities in our communities and business. We believe we can meet customer expectations, while developing innovative solutions that improve lives.

AEP values an inclusive and diverse business environment for our employees that also reflects the diversity of the communities where we live, work and operate. We are committed to providing a pathway for employees to advance and unlock the power of perspectives to better serve our customers, drive innovation, and generate sustainable growth for AEP.

As we continue to position AEP for the future, we view diversity and inclusion as a vital part of our business strategy to remain competitive and to attract and retain the best talent. A diverse, inclusive and highly engaged workforce not only improves performance, it also improves company culture – creating an environment that welcomes different experiences, beliefs, backgrounds and thoughts.

AEP is committed to the inclusion of a broad base of stakeholders in everything we do. This is reflected through several external commitments focused on advancing diversity, inclusion and equity. Signature commitments include: Paradigm for Parity®, the CEO Action for Diversity & InclusionTM pledge, and the Columbus Commitment: Achieving Pay Equity.

In 2017, we developed a five-year Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan – The Roadmap to 2022. The plan focuses on four key areas:

  1. A Diverse Workforce: Build a diverse, high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve. Eliminate barriers that prevent employees from maximizing opportunities and potential.
  2. Inclusive and Engaged Workforce: Cultivate a collaborative and inclusive work environment that empowers all employees. Integrate Employee Resource Groups (ERG) across the enterprise and empower them to be brand ambassadors supporting employee recruitment and retention; career/professional development, as well as customer and community connections.
  3. Sustainability & Accountability: Establish accountability measures to ensure that AEP’s management and leadership teams model the behavior that advances diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  4. External Partnerships: Foster relationships with external partners and stakeholders to broaden access to diverse talent by building partnerships with educational institutions, diverse community organizations, and professional associations.

Each of the four goals is accompanied by strategies and measures designed for successful company-wide implementation. In addition, a shared accountability structure was created to ensure progress and outcomes. This includes: the accountability of AEP’s leadership team for implementation and management of this plan; the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, which is responsible for ongoing development and review of initiatives and strategies; and employees who are responsible for living AEP’s culture to achieve these objectives. Progress will be measured, tracked and reported annually in this report.