AEP Sustainability - Boundless Energy Future

Ensuring a Brighter, Boundless Future

With more than a century of ingenuity and innovation, AEP is putting its experience to work, preparing for a future that we are still imagining. As we shape the future with our customers, we are dedicated to safely delivering on our commitment to an exceptional customer experience. This is an exciting time for our industry and our company; the pace of change is exponentially accelerating. We are confident in AEP’s foundation for growth and we are learning to be more flexible in our resolve to lead the way forward.

2019 Corporate Accountability Report

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A Message from the Chairman

“At AEP, we see a future full of opportunities for our customers, employees, investors, communities and our company. To create this future, we must be increasingly innovative to create cutting-edge solutions to complex problems. We must be agile and adaptable to leverage rapid, sometimes unpredictable, changes in technology. And we must nurture a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce that is clearly focused on delivering 21st century customer service as we further electrify our economy.”

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Innovating for Tomorrow

Innovation has been part of the fabric of AEP’s culture for more than a century. We are committed to continue providing our customers the innovations that will power the 21st century.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At AEP, we take deliberate actions to create a work environment in which employees are valued and the diversity and richness of the backgrounds and perspectives of our people are embraced.

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Customer Commitment

We are committed to meeting the demands of our customers by investing in new technologies, modernizing the grid, investing in renewables and engaging with customers in their channel of choice.

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AEP’s Strategic Vision for a Clean Energy Future

We believe sustainable electricity is an essential tool for managing the company’s carbon emissions and reducing the broader global carbon footprint. We are evaluating business risks and potential new opportunities, from the boardroom to the customers’ side of the meter. AEP’s sustainability goals reflects our strategy to transition to a cleaner energy economy and our commitment to transparency as we move forward.

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