Reports & Policies

At AEP, we understand the importance of providing clear, accurate and consistent data and information in a timely manner. AEP produces several supplemental reports, including; GRI, SASB and TCFD; discloses material corporate policies; and additional financial disclosures. This demonstrates that we are listening to our stakeholders and addressing issues that are most relevant for our business.

Supplemental Environmental, Social and Governance Reports

Financial Disclosures

Corporate Policies and Documents

Internal Policies

To help ensure the safety and security of AEP’s employees and operations, several AEP policies are internal policies and not shared publicly. AEP employees have access to appropriate policies through AEP’s intranet site.

  • Speak Up Policy (including Anti-Retaliation)
  • AEP Employee Handbook
  • Conflicts of Interest and Annual Disclosure
  • Gifts and Entertainment Policy
  • Anti-Fraud Policies and Procedures
  • PII Data Privacy Protection Policy
  • Records Retention Manual
  • Antitrust Guidelines
  • FERC Compliance Manuals
  • Security Information Classification Standards
  • Appropriate Use of Company Assets
  • Prohibition Against Pornography and Offensive Material Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Enterprise Policy Development & Maintenance Policy

Past Reports