Strong corporate governance plays an important role in ensuring ethical, fair and transparent business practices. Leadership and governance are foundational to building and strengthening sustained business value while balancing the challenges of a changing society and the interests of investors, management, employees and other stakeholders. At AEP, we are committed to strong and effective corporate governance by ensuring our Board is diverse, independent and highly qualified with relevant skills and professional experience. This includes knowledge and expertise on important ESG issues that could potentially impact AEP’s long-term strategy and value creation, such as human capital management; safety and health; climate change; diversity, equity and inclusion; and cyber and physical security.

ESG Governance

AEP also has structured oversight to support sustainability, ESG performance and disclosure at the management level.

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Cyber & Physical Security

AEP continually evaluates cyber and physical security risks enterprise-wide using our comprehensive security strategy.

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Political Engagement

We are transparent about our political contributions and lobbying activities and are committed to enhanced disclosures.

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