AEP Sustainability - Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our dedicated Social Media Center helps us better meet our customers needs in the communication channel of their choice.

At AEP, our goal is to provide world-class service while creating positive, lasting relationships with our customers. We are doing this by meeting our customers in the communication channel of their choice while providing tailored solutions that make it simple, fast and convenient to do business with us. Our multiyear customer experience strategy focuses on developing people, processes, technology and customer-driven insights to help us exceed our customers’ growing expectations and changing needs, especially during crisis situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being mindful of the financial hardships and concerns our customers may have been facing, we temporarily suspended all service disconnections for nonpayment. We worked with our customers to arrange payment options and communicated with them about potential scams that were emerging during this time. In addition, to ensure the safety and health of our call center representatives, more than 80% of AEP’s customer care agents worked from home so they could provide continued service and support for our customers. Learn more about AEP’s response to COVID-19.

From first contact to delivery of service, changes in service and even how we can best serve our customers during crisis situations, we are studying each touchpoint with our customers to understand and improve their overall experience and satisfaction.