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AEP's Sustainability Goals

2019 Sustainability Goals Update

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In 2018, AEP publicly announced our Corporate Sustainability Goals in parallel with our carbon reduction goals. Our sustainability goals are guided by AEP’s Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development, which provides context for our core business and a roadmap to implement throughout our value chain. We support our goals with metrics and methodologies to measure performance against our business plan and across our operations.

AEP employee teams developed the goals to ensure we effectively assess and communicate the return on investment (ROI) and shared value we create for AEP and all our stakeholders. We mapped our sustainability goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to further demonstrate how we create shared value for our business and society. In 2020, we will begin to report on the connections between AEP’s performance and the SDGs.

Specific to our carbon reduction goals, AEP has a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from our generating facilities by 60 percent by 2030 and by 80 percent by 2050 (from a 2000 baseline). To meet these targets, we are investing in cleaner energy such as wind and solar and advancing technologies to enable a smarter, more efficient power grid. We are leveraging our scale, experience and partnerships to help find new ways to better serve our customers. And we are taking part in initiatives such as the Free Electrons global energy accelerator and IlluminationLAB, which both help AEP identify innovative ideas from startup companies around the world on technologies that add value for customers.

For more information on our carbon reduction goals, please see Carbon & Climate.

Our strategy for a sustainable future is to ensure that the production and delivery of energy enables positive social and economic change for our customers, employees and communities as we collaboratively shape our future. This is grounded by our culture of safety, continuous improvement and customer focus. We commit to aggressively support economic development, develop innovative solutions, champion education and make smart infrastructure investments that power our communities and improve lives. AEP is leading by example by setting strategic performance targets and goals, and we are guided by these key principles:

  • Be a catalyst for change
  • Advance environmental stewardship
  • Help to build strong local communities
  • Develop a brighter energy future