AEP Sustainability - Veterans

Supporting our Veterans

AEP actively supports, recruits and hires military veterans, and educates, trains and prepares them to successfully transition into rewarding energy industry jobs. Our veterans have the technical training, experience and personal characteristics that make them a great fit for careers in the energy industry. They bring important skillsets to the workforce, including leadership, discipline, teamwork and reliability. They also bring a mindset of safety, which is a core value of AEP’s business, making them attractive recruits for our company.

Veteran’s from Appalachian Power participate in a Veterans Day Parade in Welch, West Virginia.

We are proud that approximately 10 percent of AEP’s employees are military veterans, and 8 percent of AEP’s new hires are veterans. We hold open houses for veterans so they can learn about skilled craft positions within the company, watch live demonstrations of line mechanic work and learn about technologies used to operate the grid. We encourage veterans to actively seek and apply for jobs at AEP that match their training and skills.

AEP is a member of the U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS), a program designed to accelerate the transition of veterans to careers in the private sector. Through the Army PaYS program, active and reserve servicemen and servicewomen in the Army and Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) are matched with civilian job opportunities that require the skills acquired during their military service. Soldiers who qualify with a skills match are guaranteed an interview for the job by participating companies.

We also support our military veterans through the benefits we provide them. Military veterans and reservists are allowed paid time off to attend funeral services for a service member with whom they have served. This is in addition to AEP’s regular employee bereavement policy. We understand that a fellow service member is often as close as a family member, and the loss is deeply felt by our veterans. We also provide pay differential for employees in the Reserves or National Guard who are ordered to active duty in emergency situations.

AEP’s Military Veteran Employee Resource Group (ERG) is another way we support our more than 1,800 military veteran employees. The mission of the Military Veteran ERG is to promote the roles and contributions of veterans and active-duty military employees, provide professional development and networking opportunities, and serve as a liaison between AEP and the veteran and military communities.

We are proud of our work to support military veterans. AEP was one of six energy companies that developed the Troops to Energy Jobs initiative to provide veterans with a career path for jobs in the energy industry. AEP also participates in the Veteran Jobs Mission, which has grown to more than 200 companies. The coalition is committed to hiring veterans and has collectively hired more than 450,000 veterans since its inception in 2011.