AEP Sustainability - Veterans

Supporting our Veterans

AEP actively supports, recruits and hires military veterans and educates, trains and prepares them to successfully transition into rewarding energy industry jobs. Our talent acquisition team builds direct relationships with military bases across the country to provide veterans with a pipeline to careers at AEP. We invest in attracting veterans because they have the technical training, experience and personal characteristics that make them a great fit for careers in the energy industry. They also bring a mindset of safety, which is a core value of AEP’s business, making them attractive recruits for our company.

We hold open houses for veterans so they can learn about skilled craft positions within the company, watch live demonstrations of line mechanic work and learn about technologies used to operate the grid. We encourage veterans to actively seek and apply for jobs at AEP that match their training and skills. We also partner with external initiatives that are designed to provide veterans with mentoring services, career development opportunities or skills matching services.

Our partnerships include:

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) received recognition in 2019, for the second straight year, as a Veteran Employer Champion for its efforts in hiring and supporting military veterans.