AEP Sustainability - Culture

Culture of Engagement

A strong and healthy culture fosters engaged employees and creates the foundation for long-term success. An engaged, collaborative and empowered workforce not only improves morale and performance but also fuels innovation, sparks ingenuity and drives continuous improvement. We need a culture that supports agility to succeed in a fast-paced, changing work environment. This includes building on our commitment to customers, safety, operational excellence and innovation. Our focus on culture is deliberate and unwavering and we are making good progress to achieving the high-performing culture we are seeking.

At AEP, we continually work to foster a culture that supports the agility and focus needed to succeed in a fast-paced, changing work environment. We measure our progress through employee culture surveys.

To measure our progress, AEP conducts an annual employee culture survey through Gallup, Inc. In 2018, we achieved an 89 percent participation rate for the second year in a row. While we are proud of this level of engagement, we continue to reach for 100 percent participation because we truly believe that every voice counts.

Our 2018 engagement survey results were very positive, as we achieved top-quartile performance in Gallup’s overall company database – a full year ahead of our stated goal. This includes our improved overall average engagement score in the 76th percentile, compared with the 69th percentile the previous year.

Our progress is a result of a deliberate and determined effort throughout the year to engage with employee teams who were struggling to improve their performance. We also improved in our Inclusiveness Index score, which was in the 77th percentile, compared to the 68th percentile in 2017. We are confident that this score will continue to increase as we build our diversity and inclusion programs.

In 2018, we introduced a question about well-being to the survey to begin measuring the overall well-being of our employees. Gallup defines well-being as a life well-lived – how we experience our lives, measured by purpose, social and community connections, financial well-being and physical health. Well-being is an important indicator of employee engagement. It follows that companies who build a culture of well-being position their employees to perform at their best.

Today, AEP provides a wide range of programs that support employees’ well-being. These include a wellness program, financial planning and advice experts, mental health benefits, adoption assistance, and many other benefits that support employees in their personal and professional lives.

Having a high-performing, highly engaged workforce requires giving people the tools they need to be successful and to contribute in meaningful ways. One way we do this is through our Power up & Lead culture leadership workshop. Since the workshop began in 2013, more than 19,000 employees have completed Power up & Lead. The workshop equips them with knowledge, tools and resources to be more collaborative, effective and engaged. In 2018, we began offering refresher courses to employees, and we will continue to offer Power up & Lead workshops.