AEP Sustainability - Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Innovation has been fundamental to AEP’s growth and development throughout our history. We understand the continually increasing demands of modern society will require smart, integrated, and sustainable infrastructure and technology solutions. That is why, as one of the largest energy companies in the U.S., we work each day to identify innovative solutions that meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers. This means staying ahead of the curve with advanced energy infrastructure, piloting new technologies and preparing for advancements in transportation and other major catalysts for economic growth – before they become commonplace.

In 2018, we took bold steps to create new avenues for corporate-wide innovation. From generation to transmission to distribution, we are employing the power of data analytics to better understand our infrastructure and our customers. We are harnessing new, digital technologies – such as smart metering and sensors, mobile applications and process automation – to create a smart, distributed grid. We are partnering with our communities and entrepreneurial businesses and using next-generation tools, including virtual and augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, robots and more, to propel our services and solutions forward.

We believe AEP is well-positioned to leverage our scale, industry experience and skilled workforce to achieve our goal of being the energy company of the future. In many ways, we are still at the beginning of this journey, and we know it will take time – but we remain committed to providing our customers the innovations that will power the 21st century.