AEP Sustainability - Energy & Technology

Innovating for a Clean Energy Future

“A clean energy future requires a combination of resources, innovation and technology. It also requires a hard look at how the traditional regulated utility business model treats innovation, because business-as-usual is not a viable option. We are thus advocating for changes that reward innovation in the energy industry while pursuing innovation along a number of parallel tracks.”
–Nick Akins, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Electricity

Today's age of technology, innovation and disruption is transforming the electric industry. We have to be agile, innovative and more efficient to respond to this rapidly changing environment, stay relevant to our customers and be competitive in new markets. We see sustainable electricity as being cleaner, more technologically advanced, cost-effective and efficient.

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Technology & Innovation

Innovation has been fundamental to AEP’s growth and development throughout our history. We are harnessing new, digital technologies to create a smart, distributed grid.

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Grid Modernization

Today, customers expect their electric service to be more flexible, efficient and reliable. In response, we are modernizing and strengthening the grid to meet their needs today and in the future.

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Beneficial Electrification

We envision a future where beneficial electrification creates new opportunities for growth, fewer CO2 emissions, greater mobility, and optimization of the grid for all resources and technologies.

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Access to Clean Energy

As technology advances, we envision universal solar or wind projects that incorporate low-cost and reliable energy storage. We are working with some of our large customers on this type of approach because it can provide a dual benefit of clean energy and resilience for the customer and the grid. As we do this, we are protecting the universal access to the grid that we believe all customers deserve.

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