AEP Sustainability - Safety & Health

Safety & Health at AEP

At AEP, no aspect of our work is more important than safety and health, whether it is for an employee, a contractor or a member of the communities that we serve. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented significant challenges to the wellbeing of our workforce. In response, we implemented critical measures to protect employees and enable our front-line workers to continue their work. The pandemic has shown the critical nature of the service we provide as we worked to keep the power flowing to all of our customers.

Zero Harm is at the center of everything we do to protect our employees as well as those we come into contact with. We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. Our five-year health and safety transformation culminated in 2020, which resulted in significant improvement in our safety performance. In addition to no employee fatalities in 2020, our overall safety performance was one of our best historically, demonstrating the substantial impact our transformation efforts had across the company. This included implementing new systems, programs and policies, as well as a structure that focuses on learning, sharing information and making continuous improvement.

Thanks to the commitment and focus of employees and contractors to Zero Harm, Days Away, Restricted Time (DART) injuries were reduced by approximately 34% during this five-year transformation. Many of our teams are already achieving Zero Harm. In 2020, 87% of our work reporting locations did not experience an employee DART event. These numbers represent significant achievements and highlight our ongoing commitment to improving safety and health. We are learning from their experiences how to replicate Zero Harm in all work locations, however, we still have work to do.