AEP Sustainability - Home Energy Management

Home Energy Management

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to manage energy use, bills and services. Our customers have access to a growing number of choices for home energy management, and they expect a personalized experience with product and service offerings. To be their preferred choice, we have to give customers relevant and timely energy insights, as well as tailored solutions to help them understand and control their energy use and bills. We offer these insights and solutions in a manner that is consistent with their lifestyle while simultaneously managing the system for the benefit of all customers.

Home Energy Management (HEM) is a collection of integrated solutions that gives us the foundation to do all of these things. The continued integration of smart meters throughout our service areas is a key driver of our HEM expansion, as it facilitates enhanced data accuracy and increases our ability to provide personalized information for customers.

HEM is particularly beneficial to our low-income customers who are sensitive to fluctuations in their utility bills. Through HEM solutions, we can deliver proactive alerts, including energy savings tips and links to energy efficiency programs. In addition, we can help customers increase their ability to control monthly costs.

In 2019, AEP developed a strategy to implement a single HEM data portal enabling two-way data flow with our customers. Customers will now have the ability to access their energy information through one platform instead of being directed to several third-party portals or websites. The portal will integrate information from multiple digital channels (web, mobile, voice) into one consistent platform for a better customer experience. This enhances our ability to deliver more personalized information to our customers, such as bill comparisons, proactive alerts, personalized cost savings tips and usage breakdown by appliance – giving the customer more insight and control over their energy usage while simultaneously reducing costs. AEP was awarded the inaugural Strategic Vision award by Oracle for this project.

We also offer an HEM voice-assisted app that integrates with voice service devices. Through the app, customers can use voice commands to access their account or energy use information using either platform. Learn more in Customer Engagement.

Residential customers of AEP Ohio who have smart meters can participate in a HEM program that allows them to manage their energy use in real time through the It’s Your Power℠ mobile app. This app allows customers to pinpoint what uses the most electricity in their home so customers can make money-saving choices without sacrificing comfort. When paired with an AEP Ohio Energy Bridge, It’s Your Power℠ can also be used to control smart home devices, such as remotely adjust their thermostat, set a budget goal for electricity usage, and pay their bill online.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s PowerHours program offers three options for customers to increase their energy savings through the Time of Day program, the Direct Load Control program, or a combination of both.