AEP Sustainability - Sustainability Strategy

AEP's Sustainability Strategy

In 2018, AEP developed a Corporate Sustainability Strategy that is aligned with AEP’s 2023 Strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to guide our efforts over the next three to five years as we look to drive customer value, boost employee engagement, drive innovation, encourage agility, inform our future strategy and manage risks while enhancing our brand and reputation.

Our Sustainability Strategy has three main focus areas:

Engagement: Engage diverse stakeholders who are material to our business, involving internal business units as appropraite, in order to manage risk and capture emerging opportunities.

Transparency: Proactively share data and information about AEP's goals, performance and strategy to demonstrate that we are listening and responding to stakeholder concerns, needs and aspirations.

Integration: Integrate sustainability into strategy, governance, and operations in order to drive shared value for our business and society.

For more information about our sustainability strategy, please read AEP’s Corporate Sustainability Strategic Plan.