AEP Sustainability - Sustainability at AEP

AEP's Strategy for a Sustainable Future

In 2018, AEP was added to the Nasdaq CRD Global Sustainability Index, one of the leading Global Sustainability Indexes.

Our strategy for a sustainable future is to ensure that the production and delivery of energy enables positive social and economic change for our customers, employees and communities as we collaboratively shape our future. This is grounded by our culture of safety, continuous improvement and customer focus. We commit to aggressively support economic development, develop innovative solutions, champion education and make smart infrastructure investments that power our communities and improve lives.

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Our Commitment to Stakeholder Engagement

Our engagement efforts are integral to the success of our strategy for a clean energy future. Through our commitment to transparency, engagement, candor and honesty we have seen relationships with our stakeholders transform and become more collaborative. We believe strong relationships create better partnerships to address issues that can influence or shape our business future.

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Sustainability Goals

In 2018, AEP publicly announced our Corporate Sustainability Goals in parallel with our carbon reduction goals. View the progress made toward our goals.

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About This Report

The 2019 Corporate Accountability Report marks AEP’s 13th year of reporting on our environmental, social and economic performance. Download a PDF version of this report.

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Performance Summary

AEP is committed to reporting on our sustainability performance. View AEP’s 2018 environmental, social and economic performance.

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Disclosure & Transparency

Our investors, business partners, suppliers, capital providers, customers and employees increasingly want to know about the direct impacts AEP’s business has on broader environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Because sustainability encompasses a wide range of ESG actions and issues, our integrated reporting is one way we demonstrate the connections between financial and nonfinancial performance, as well as our commitment to transparency.

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