Next-Generation Stakeholder Engagement

As stakeholder needs change, we are evolving our approach to engagement. Stakeholders are engaging with us in different communication channels on a broader range of issues, and we are adapting to those changing needs. While face-to-face engagement is the most effective and desirable, it is not always possible. We need to continually communicate AEP’s transformation story and hear diverse views from customers, investors, and employees, regulators, NGOs and others. The changing scope and complexity of stakeholder interests as AEP transforms to being the leading energy company of the future requires a fresh strategy that meets these new dynamics.

In 2018, we are developing a new stakeholder engagement strategy. Our objective is to establish guiding principles for the future, measurable outcomes, transparency and accountability. We want our new strategy to reflect the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, as well as our own business needs.

We have a strong foundation from which to build. AEP’s commitment to stakeholder engagement spans more than a decade. During that time, we have cultivated a commitment to engagement and transparency by being accessible, responsive, honest and open with those with whom we engage. We seek to foster healthy, trusting relationships that turn conflict into cooperation and, ultimately, into partnership and collaboration.