Workforce Safety & Security

AEP’s quest for Zero Harm reaches beyond occupational safety and health to include employee security and workplace aggression. While in the field or in the office, we believe every employee should come to work feeling safe and secure. In response, AEP has developed policies, procedures and training to increase employees’ ability to recognize, report and respond to workplace aggression.

Examples of Workplace Safety & Security Efforts:

While in the field or in the office, we believe every employee should come to work feeling safe and secure.

In late 2017, AEP implemented a new mandatory self-reporting policy that requires employees to report within 24 hours to their immediate supervisor and/or their local Human Resources representative the following events:

  • An arrest, charge, indictment or conviction of a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge (except minor traffic offenses that will not result in incarceration)
  • Service of a protection order or restraining order when the employee is listed as the subject of the protection or restraining order.

A thorough review of the reported event is conducted by an internal team consisting of Human Resources, Legal, Ethics and Compliance, Security, and the impacted Business Unit. Typically, we may not learn about these events until several months later due to the lag in legal reporting systems. The mandatory self-reporting policy allows us to become aware of these events sooner and allows us to prepare for events that could potentially put our employees or our operations at risk. It also allows for us to conduct a proper review to determine if immediate action is required, such as termination, to protect our employees and financial assets.

AEP also has several workplace safety training initiatives available to our employees. In early 2018, we launched an Active Shooter Response table-top exercise to train our employees on how to handle active shooter situations. For our field employees, we provide a face-to-face Customer Threat and Aggressive Behavior training, which was recently modified to include de-escalation techniques that can be used with difficult customers who threaten the safety of our employees. We also launched a video version of this training for those who are unable to attend in-person.

At AEP, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect the safety of our employees. By putting these efforts in place, we stay true to our commitment to providing a safe working environment for all employees.