Public Safety

AEP is committed to serving our customers without putting members of the public in harm’s way. We are always looking for better ways to provide important safety information to our neighbors. We use multiple communication channels to educate the public about recognizing hazards and provide guidance of what to do when a potentially risky situation occurs.

Stay Away From All Overhead Lines

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Even with increased education and outreach efforts, five public fatalities occurred in the AEP service territory in 2017 because of electrical contact.

We have revitalized our public safety efforts and increased education and awareness of how to stay safe around AEP facilities. Part of this effort included working with first responders who are often the first ones on the scene in an emergency. These included:

  • Electrical safety awareness events
  • Electrical safety programs in schools
  • Social media to provide the public with safety information
  • New videos and reference materials with graphics to promote public safety
  • Promote awareness and use of “Call Before You Dig”