Managing Performance

We undertook an aggressive inspection of approximately 3,750 sites across the AEP system to identify safety risks that could result in harm to our employees.

Internal audits of our safety and health management system and compliance processes are part of our quest for Zero Harm. The audits help flag potential hazards that could lead to harm, allowing us to take proactive preventive action.

Safety and health programs were audited at more than 30 locations in 2017. In addition, a system-wide audit of some aspects of the safety and health program transformation was conducted. In response to findings, corrective action plans are developed, which are tracked to closure by the audit team. Audit results are shared with business unit leaders and safety professionals across the company to leverage lessons learned.

We continue to review our processes for sharing information and lessons learned to ensure there is consistency across AEP and that important information to prevent harm is shared with every employee and contractor.