AEP Sustainability - Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

One of the best ways for AEP to demonstrate its commitment to a trusting and inclusive work environment is to empower employees to form and participate in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Our ERGs reflect the diverse makeup of our workforce and enable us to gain valuable insight into the diverse communities we serve. They also help increase engagement across the company by providing employees with a safe space to discuss work-related issues and to develop innovative solutions.

In 2018, Indiana Michigan Power launched a new multicultural ERG called VOICE – Valuing Organizational Improvement and Community Excellence. The group’s mission is to foster an inclusive work environment that promotes respect and value of employees through cultural awareness where employees are provided the opportunity to develop while giving back to the community.

AEP’s Employee Resource Groups

  • Abled and Disabled Allies Partnering Together (ADAPT)
  • African-American Employee Resource Group (AAERG)
  • Asian-American Employee Partnership (AAEP)
  • Hispanic Origin Latin American Employee Resource Group (HOLA)
  • Military Veterans Employee Resource Group (MVERG)
  • Native American Tribes Interacting Observing Networking (NATION)
  • Pride Partnership (for LGBTQ employees and their allies)
  • Valuing Organizational Improvement and Community Excellence (VOICE)

Open to all employees, the ERGs sponsor programs and events focused on culture, education and personal and professional development. ERG members are active community volunteers supporting efforts such as Project Mentor and Make a Difference Day. ERGs also play an active role in AEP’s diversity and inclusion efforts, including recruitment of new employees.

The support from senior managers is a key factor to the growth and success of the ERGs. Executive sponsors advocate for the ERGs and their interests, provide strategic guidance, enlist the support of other senior leaders and connect ERG members with relevant stakeholders.