Enhancing the Customer Experience

We deliver a product that makes modern life possible. We are experts at producing and delivering safe, reliable electricity to our customers. However, we want to be much more than that. At AEP, our goal is to provide world-class customer service while creating a positive lasting relationship with our customers. We want to be the people that our customers and communities turn to first when they have energy needs. We also want to meet our customers in the communication channel of their choice while providing unique solutions that create value to the customer, each and every time.

In 2017, AEP launched a new bill format to make it easier for customers to find important information, including what they owe and when it’s due.

Our Customer Experience Strategy includes a variety of initiatives over multiple years focused on developing people, processes, technology and customer-driven insights to help us meet and exceed our customers’ growing expectations and changing needs. This includes improving the experience customers have when they interact with us. From first contact, to each transaction, to delivery of service, we are studying each touchpoint we have with our customers to help them effortlessly navigate across these journeys.

Identifying and applying new technology systems and tools and expanding customer communication channels are a main focus of our Customer Experience Strategy. Technology is essential in our ability to provide a variety of options for responsive communication and effortless engagement. In 2017, we launched a new customer app that allows customers to conduct business with us on their mobile device, whether paying a bill, monitoring usage or reporting/checking the status of an outage. This fulfills one of the most frequent requests received from our customers and demonstrates we are listening and responding to their needs.

We also redesigned our customer bills to make them more user-friendly – a priority for customers. In 2017, AEP launched a new bill format to make it easier for customers to find important information, including what they owe and when it’s due.

As we change how we interact with and serve customers, we are engaging, training, coaching and challenging our employees at all levels to keep the customer front and center of everything we do. In 2017, we introduced the “Effortless Customer Experience” training for our Customer Operations employees, providing advanced frontline skills training. The skills they learned will help guide conversations, anticipate and resolve customer issues, and adapt to a range of customers’ communication styles. Approximately 60 percent of our customer operations staff received the training in 2017. The remaining employees will complete the training in 2018.

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Our strategy and focus on the customer experience is a journey that never ends. As technologies and our customer expectations evolve, we will continue to research, innovate, test and deliver energy solutions and services that are reliable and affordable and provide value.