AEP Sustainability - Global Innovation

Innovation Goes Global

AEP is developing initiatives and forming partnerships in the U.S. and around the world to scout new innovation technologies, validate them fast, demonstrate their benefits to customers and policymakers, secure timely regulatory support or contractual approvals for innovation and deployment, and deploy them at scale.

By participating in global accelerator programs for startup companies, technology innovation networks, joint utility collaborations and global technology innovation information hubs, we can move faster to identify and deliver new solutions for all of our customers within the next five years.

AEP is one of 10 international utilities in the Free Electrons global energy accelerator program, giving us access to the world’s most innovative technology entrepreneurs from more than 60 countries. Free Electrons allows us to choose the ones that we think will best fit our customers’ needs which we then validate with other members of the group and within our service territory. We are currently validating two technologies in Oklahoma and Ohio.

The CEOs of AEP, Enel (Italy) and Hydro-Quebec (Canada) formed the International Energy Innovators Consortium to co-develop technologies that are not currently available. This collaboration of technology experts for microgrids, big data analytical tools and e-mobility yields joint initiatives with the potential to serve the customers of all three companies.

We are also partnering bilaterally with Enel-X (Italy), Innogy (Germany), ESG (Ireland), China Light and Power (Hong Kong), Hydro-Quebec and other international utilities, to identify opportunities to co-validate, co-develop and co-invest in new technologies.

In addition, the CEO-led Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership provides access to a global information hub for innovative technologies, business models and public policies that are enabling new technologies to be developed and deployed. AEP has been a member since the 1990s and gains important insights from other international CEOs on how they are working to solve similar challenges facing our customers.