Sustainable Electricity

Today’s age of technology, innovation and disruption is transforming the electric industry. A changing fuel mix, falling power prices, increasing demand for renewables, the surge of distributed energy resources, and a deeper focus on cybersecurity and resilience are the catalysts for change. We have to be agile, innovative and more efficient to respond to this rapidly changing environment and stay relevant to our customers. We see sustainable electricity as being cleaner, technologically advanced, cost-effective, and efficient.

We are diversifying our resource mix to serve our customers’ needs, with an eye to the future of an electrified economy – the use of electricity to power buildings, transportation systems and industrial processes. Our investments to modernize the grid, making it more secure, reliable and resilient, will enable us to deploy advanced technologies to seize new opportunities for growth. As we make this transition, we are reducing our environmental footprint – including carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The leading energy company of tomorrow will create new opportunities through diversified service offerings, efficiency gains and access to new markets, positioning us for sustainable growth. Our vision for a sustainable electricity future means:

  • Redefining our relationship with our customers
  • Building a more intelligent network to enable two-way flows of power and information
  • Meeting the challenge of a changing workforce and adapting to the future of work
  • Helping customers use energy more efficiently
  • Diversifying our resources
  • Strengthening the security of our assets and information

When we think about sustainable electricity, we look across the value stream to include fuel resources as well as transmission and distribution, energy efficiency, advanced technologies such as battery storage, distributed resources and data analytics that give us the information we need to proactively operate and maintain the grid more efficiently. That’s what our “all of the above” strategy is all about. At the center of this is our commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Moving toward a clean energy economy must be managed carefully to protect the reliability and resilience of the electric grid. At the same time, we envision a future where electrification across industry sectors creates new opportunities for economic and business growth, fewer CO2 emissions economy-wide, greater transportation mobility and optimization of the grid for all resources and technologies.

While this transformation presents extraordinary opportunities for innovation and growth, it also carries risk and responsibility. The traditional utility business model doesn’t accommodate this new paradigm shift. We need new, forward-looking policies that allow us to keep pace with today’s environment.