AEP Sustainability - Asset Health Center

Asset Health Center

The Asset Health Center (AHC) exemplifies our early adoption of digital technology to reduce failures, increase safety, improve grid reliability and reduce risks through proactive operational and predictive awareness. Since 2012, the AEP Transmission System and Asset Monitoring teams have installed and managed real-time performance monitors that give us an opportunity to prevent transformer failures, saving the company up to $36 million.

There are two main components to the AHC – an analytical software platform with algorithms that provide health indices, risks of failure and actionable notifications; and a fleet-wide installation of asset monitoring devices that provide instant data through a robust communication infrastructure, allowing us to monitor the system in real-time.

In 2018, AEP Transmission deployed monitoring on 70 additional Extra High Voltage (EHV) transformers and reactors. This brings the total to more than 360 EHV transformers and reactors that are now monitored in real-time through the AHC. We also created and piloted a new standard for circuit breaker monitoring.

The information we receive from the AHC is an input into our Reliability Assessment Tool so we can make more informed decisions about asset renewals for maintenance or replacement. This increased awareness helps us reduce risk by identifying safety issues in real-time and informs our capital investment strategy. In addition, we are using predictive algorithms and the data collected from sensors to see if we can anticipate equipment failures even sooner.