Kyte Works

To facilitate the process of taking innovative ideas from concept to viable business product or service, AEP created a separate company called Kyte Works LLC. Kyte Works is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Electric Power and will act as our innovation company. Through Kyte Works, we will be able to operate like a start-up company to validate offerings and provide new value to customers. Kyte Works will enable us to go to market faster, to gain confidence, intelligence and the data needed to satisfy the customers of tomorrow.

The new company gives AEP employees from different disciplines a place to turn their ideas into real-world business products and services. Through Kyte Works, employees can take their ideas to customers for early feedback, make changes and confirm that a viable market exists. When an idea takes off, Kyte Works collaborates with AEP’s business units to determine when and how to roll out a new service to customers.

Visitors to the Kyte Works website can learn about AEP’s latest innovations and sign up for email updates.