EPRI Technology Transfer Awards

In early 2018, several AEP employees received prestigious Technology Transfer Awards from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for their achievements in research and development. The awards recognize industry leaders and innovators who help companies deliver safe, affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible electricity through collaboration and research that has a transformative impact in the utility industry. The awards to AEP employees involved:

  • Development of smart chemistry alarms that can be activated during a chemistry event, such as a condenser leak, to notify plant operators to take immediate action to minimize the risk of equipment damage.
  • Research evaluating different forms of mercury in wastewater discharge at a coal-fired power plant. The alternative form identified was accepted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for wastewater discharge permitting, serving as a national model for alternative mercury limits.
  • Creation of a one-of-a-kind database of fish and shellfish eggs and larvae that can be used to holistically examine power plant impacts on fish populations and track the spread of invasive fish species in the Ohio River.
  • Development of a robot that autonomously inspects high-voltage transmission lines, sending information back to the utility. The robot expands inspection capabilities, increases cost-effectiveness and improves workplace safety. AEP deployed the robot as a permanent installation on a 90-mile transmission line.