AEP Sustainability - Relationship Management

Customer Engagement & Relationship Management

We have many touchpoints with our customers that help shape their overall AEP experience. Traditionally, these customer interactions were managed and tracked by separate groups within AEP. But what if we could bring a customer’s entire history with us onto a single platform?

To do this, we need to understand every interaction a customer has with us, from initial communication and account management to billing, payment history and social media posts. We call this the 360-degree view of the customer. This tells us what we need to know up front so that we can provide the best solutions for customers.

An important tool to effectively do this is known as a customer relationship management (CRM) system. In 2018, AEP kicked off a project to implement a new CRM system from the ground up. The new system, once operational, will consolidate customer touchpoints into a single place and allow us to view the total customer experience and provide more tailored solutions.

Transmission Customer Experience

When we think about customers, we generally think about the customers of local distribution companies. However, AEP also serves very large customers who directly connect to our transmission grid and have very different needs. These customers include Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and other transmission owners, such as electric cooperatives (co-ops). Power quality is a priority issue with these very large customers. As companies continue to modernize their manufacturing equipment, their systems become more sensitive to quality issues such as voltage variations and momentary power outages. We are working to understand the operating needs of our commercial and industrial (C&I) users and will continue to improve our level of service and reliability to meet the increasingly strict standards required by these key customers.

We provide targeted support to our electric co-ops and municipal electric utility partners through internal communication groups and ongoing stakeholder process meetings.

This group’s objective is to proactively identify customer pain points and work to resolve them. This includes conducting root cause analysis and developing backup service delivery plans for our large transmission customers. Our goal is to solve a customer’s problem before the customer is aware a problem even exists.