AEP Sustainability - Customer Insights

Customer-Driven Insights

To understand what our customers want, what their perceptions and expectations of AEP are, and how they want to engage with us, we need their input. One way we gather this information is through surveys, online panels, email and phone interviews.

Through the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey coupled with data we receive from Market Strategies International, we are able to compare our performance with that of our utility peers and other industries, such as banking, telecommunications and retail.

We also monitor customers’ experience after a phone or online interaction. This feedback is collected through phone interviews and email invitations and helps us understand how difficult or easy it was for them to get their needs met. We also randomly select residential and commercial customers and survey them about their overall satisfaction with our brand, ease of doing business and other relationship attributes.

We collect all of this information in a dashboard so that we can get a total picture of a customer’s experience with AEP, including any feedback they provide and preferences. This gives us a centralized location to look at all of this data on each customer so we can better serve their needs through tailored energy solutions.