Ethics and Compliance

At AEP, we are committed to health, safety, financial, operational and environmental compliance, while holding ourselves to a high standard of ethical conduct – always doing what is right. We believe that when it comes to doing the right thing, there is no other option. We are guided by high standards of ethics and rigorous legal compliance because we believe it is unacceptable to bend the rules.

AEP’s Principles of Business Conduct places responsibility for acting legally and ethically with every individual – from the Board of Directors and management to employees on the front line. We want employees to speak up, ask questions and report potential violations without fear of retaliation. Our culture supports the interests of both employees and AEP by maintaining a vigilant approach to practicing compliance and acting with integrity. We will continue to build a reputation of trust by holding people accountable and taking appropriate actions when necessary.

In 2018, we updated the Principles of Business Conduct to reflect our cultural journey and to provide stronger direction on our expectations. For example, we enhanced the section on social media to remind employees that they are brand ambassadors, even when off the job. We also added a section on our supplier diversity initiatives and enhanced our code of conduct with respect to both sustainability and protection of personally identifiable information.

As our business makes the transition to a clean energy future, we want to be more closely connected with our customers and to be a good corporate citizen. It is important to us that our employees are engaged members of their communities because they carry AEP’s reputation with them wherever they go. We strongly urge our employees to uphold our values beyond the workplace and further our commitment to acting with integrity.

All employees must complete annual training on the Principles of Business Conduct to ensure they understand their responsibilities as AEP employees. AEP’s Board of Directors will also take the training on the updated Principles of Business Conduct. This training includes evaluation of several distinct scenarios in some of our higher-risk areas, including conflicts of interest, appropriate use of company assets, fraud, management of personally identifiable information, intellectual property and insider information and trading. It also provides real-world examples and resources. AEP also offers a confidential 24/7 hotline that allows employees to report concerns anonymously or to seek guidance on ethical, safety or compliance matters.