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Strategy for the Future

“Change has come. It is here, it is accelerating, and AEP is prepared to lead it. We see many challenges ahead, but also significant opportunities as we work for a sustainable future. We’ve accomplished a great deal over the past decade, but we must lead at an ever-quickening pace. Our strategy to be more innovative, more engaged and more customer-focused is well underway and we will continue to execute it with discipline and conviction. Our 2023 strategy will stretch and push us toward achieving our vision for the future.”
– Nicholas Akins, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Chairman's Message

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2018 Company Overview

AEP’s Strategic Plan

AEP’s strategy for growth and the way we are advancing our business model are changing as we plan for a future that is evolving.

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Regulatory and Public Policy

AEP is committed to enhancing regulatory models to give utilities the ability to explore new and evolving solutions that deliver the best value for our customers.

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Risk Management

AEP has a robust risk management process that helps us proactively identify and mitigate potential risks to our businesses and operating companies.

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Sustainability Governance

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability governance, but AEP believes it is fundamental to building and strengthening sustained business value. Good governance ensures transparency, fairness and accountability, and gives us a structured way to manage the challenges of a changing society.

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