2018 AEP Corporate
Accountability Report
2018 Report

Chairman's Message

At American Electric Power, we believe a sustainable future begins with the social and economic benefits of delivering universal access to safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity every day. We are proud to have been entrusted with that responsibility and we work every day to deserve that trust. As we transition to a cleaner energy future, we remain grounded in our commitment to working with our customers and communities to build a brighter, sustainable future together.

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AEP's Strategic Vision for a Clean Energy Future

We believe sustainable electricity is an essential tool for managing the company’s carbon emissions and reducing the broader global carbon footprint. As we seek to do this, we are evaluating business risks and potential new opportunities, from the boardroom to the customers’ side of the meter. AEP’s Strategic Vision for a Clean Energy Future report reflects our strategy to transition to a cleaner energy economy and our commitment to transparency as we move forward.

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Targeted Strategic Relationships & Partnerships

Preparing for the future is as much about the relationships we have today as it is our mindset for embracing change. Targeted partnerships allow us to leverage the skills and technologies of others, giving us an efficient way to stay close to emerging technologies and team up with others for the benefit of our customers.

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